Wood Decor Signs In Poster

Nov 21st

Wood decor signs – Wood is a living and beautiful material that gives atmosphere and warmth to all the rooms of the accommodation. Do you need ideas to decorate the wall? If you get inspirations messages, this will please you. Paint and decorate some wooden planks, join them with rope and create your own vintage wooden posters. The first step in making these decorative posters is preparing the wood to make the structure. Cut or buy ribbons, which you will have to join with rope. Use a pencil and mark the position of the holes through which the rope will pass, four per lane. Make the holes about 10 centimeters from the side edges and one centimeter from the top and bottom ends.

In the case of the upper ribbon, make the two holes above in the center to hang the poster. Use a screwdriver to drill the holes with a drill diameter larger than the rope you use. After making the holes, you must sand the wood well to eliminate any damage. To do this, we used a Velcro glove with sandpaper, which facilitates the work. Make sure to sand all the slats well, hitting the holes, corners and edges. Once the slats are sanded, clean any dust that you have generated. It’s time to transform the decorative wood signs: paint the slats with colorful paint. Make it in the sense of the veins of the ribbon and do not forget to paint the edges. Let it dry. Once the paint is dry, it’s time to write what you want on the slats. Use brushes of different thickness for this.

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We have chosen an inspirational phrase for our poster: ‘you have the potential to do incredible things’. We have written important words in capital letters, with a stronger tone, and small words in lowercase letters. In addition, we have written each word in a different font style. When everything is well dry, so as not to spoil it, join the pieces. Use rope to join the wooden slats, passing it through the holes and securing it in each of them with a double knot. Use two pieces of rope. One that goes through the holes on the right of all the slats – two per ribbon – and one for those on the left. Reserve the two upper holes of the first ribbon. Through which you must pass another piece of string to hang your decorative posters. What do you think? Do you dare to try this wooden signs?

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