Unusual Ways to Decorate With Industrial Pipe Decor

Nov 21st

Pipe decor – The industrial style with materials such as metal, leather and patinated wood has taken Scandinavia by storm. The style is up to few rules, and the most popular materials can be combined crosswise and used for different purposes. This article gives you five inspirational examples of how to spell one of these materials: the pipes. Read on and find out how to transform your water pipes and make them beautiful and surprising details and furniture in your home.

Innovative headquarters

Man already learned to process copper in prehistoric times. The old metal was very popular until the 1980s when demand fell on the market. But today, copper has found its way into our home and has come to stay. The black pipe decor can have been transformed into a beautiful headboard. If you are inspired to make your own, do not use too thin pipes. As they will probably be able to keep the weight on the headboard. Get an expert if you need help with the project.

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Nice hanging out for the bathroom

In the bathroom the copper parts are used in different ways. Here you have created a towel dryer in copper. This drying system is connected to a heating system, so the towels are kept warm and lovely. If you are DIY type, you can make your own drying system without heat (with heat it requires a little more technical knowledge). For this you need copper pipes, pipe cutters (for copper), T-pipe, copper heads and pliers.

Lighting tubes

A raw rustic lamp is one of the details that promote the industrial style. The lamp can made of copper and fits perfectly with the green-blue color on the backside. The rustic finish is also an exciting detail that emphasizes the whole mood of the room.

Bookcase with a unique expression

Create a unique bookcase using black iron pipe furniture. It works at least as well in the living room as the bathroom. Where it can be used for storing herb pots and books. You can change the color of the shelf by spraying it in an optional color.

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Hanging for kitchen equipment

If you want to include the industrial style in the kitchen, you can leave the kitchen equipment free from copper pipes. This sends references to the industrial environments that we see in restaurant kitchens. Where you can easily access all the tools. The end.

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