Unique Room with Bicycle Decor

Dec 2nd

Bicycle decor – Are you a lover of bicycles? Do you like to disconnect on weekends with walks in the mountains or do you use the bike as a transport to go to work every day? If so, surely at some point you have suffered the dilemma of where to keep it. And is that there is always a gap in the house where you can place it. You search the terrace and it’s too small, you look in the storage room and it’s full. So where do we keep our beloved bicycle? In our decoration blog we will give you both suggestions to keep it when it is inevitable to have it inside the floor as ideas to decorate with them. Because besides being able to enjoy long walks. It is also a good companion of interior design and offers very interesting alternatives in decoration of interior .

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If you do not have a specific space for it or you use up the terrace for lack of better storage. Not at all comfortable and you can even get to finish this precious hobby. At this point it is best to see the problem from another point of view and see the bright side. If we can not hide the bicycle decor, let’s make it more visible. Under the staircase, in the living room, next to the desk or in the hall as an object of decoration. Choose the best space taking into account also its color. So that it goes as much as possible with the environment. A very good option for small houses where you do not even have an area where you can “park it”.

You can suspend it for example on the fireplace or on a dresser or simply hang it a few centimeters from the floor so as not to overturn it when passing by it. There are very curious systems that allow you to hang it from the box with a small box. If you like bicycle decor as a decorative element rather than sports. Then this is your option. Take them out of context and use them to make lamps, clocks or coffee tables with wheels, washbasin and support countertop, hanging them upside down racks and even mirror home. All of the most decorative and very according to the current DIY trend. Yes, a last minute advice. If you choose to have it inside the house, recommend having it always clean and beautiful, now it is part of the decoration and should stand out for its originality and not for being careless.

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