Unique Ideas for Studio Apartment Decor

Nov 21st

Decorating studio apartment decor has its own set of unique challenges, the main one is the lack of space. However, there are ways to decorate a studio that complements your smaller style and ties all the elements in the space together. One of the ways to do this is by using images, which can include photos, paintings, mirrors, ceramic plates and other items. Through the use of careful planning, this will create screens that illuminate the room, and serve to open it visually. Plan a theme for the images you want to show in your study. You have several options, including photos, pictures, mirrors and plates. You will want to take into account the design scheme that you already have in the room.

Buy the items that go in your gallery. Possible themes could include old vintage photos that have been framed, prints of works of art, paintings or ceramic masks. These should match your tastes and the theme of the room. Use the mirrors to expand the space and as part of your studio apartment decor scheme. This will open the space and not conflict with the general design scheme or with the other images. Create a focal point. Most likely the area would be above your couch. This would be an appropriate area to create a gallery. This is not only a logical place for it, but the decoration of a studio is all about adequately maximizing space. You can hang the images in other areas, too, but I want one or two of the main focal points.

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Plan secondary studio apartment decor areas where to hang your additional images. Attractions that would complement your main focal point are above the dining table, in the kitchen cupboards, next to the door or in the studio’s bedroom area. Hang the images just above eye level for the best effect. This is true if you are hanging images from your main focal point or if you are creating secondary areas for additional emphasis. Group of the images in groups. Make a larger image or photo of the central image, and then add smaller images around it. The key to this is to try to create a visual balance. For example, you may try to use a large image flanked by two smaller ones. Create diversity in your visual arrangements by selecting different frames, using mirrors as part of the decoration and incorporating the sconces into the design scheme.

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