Unique Characteristic of British Colonial Decor

Dec 4th

From the British Empire there were bad and other good things, of the latter we highlight the impact on aesthetics. And the resulting british colonial decor style for decoration and architecture. If you are looking for a truly classic style for the interior of your home. Perhaps the one that most closely matches your interests is the English style with the sobriety and elegance that characterizes it. In the following article we will see a series of tips. And suggestions to create these types of environments in our homes. With practical ideas that will come very well to know the starting points you must take to have an English style home. As we said before, sobriety and elegance are two of the characteristics that we should look for in an English environment.

To achieve this, a basic material to use is wood, especially mahogany. This style, already considered a classic, was influenced by the culture. And climate of the places where the British were installed as they were sent through their empire to deal with the affairs of the colonies. They took with them their traditional pieces of decoration and also furniture that intermingle with local materials and styles. Adapting to the practical needs of the climate and the landscape, producing the unique and delicious british colonial decor style. The leather is one of the star items that cannot miss in a traditional “British” interior. The distinction that leather provides to an interior is perfect for an English environment. The tones that usually predominate in an English style are browns or grays in their most pastel tones.

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And since we speak of distinction, the sofas and armchairs of the English decoration are characterize by being especially distinguishe. Presenting these many curves in both arms and backs. The leather and studs cannot miss in these sofas. As we said before, the furniture in mahogany are the main protagonists. Lighting is a key aspect to keep in mind. In an English interior this is not direct or powerful. But it comes from small points of indirect light. So it is not uncommon to find small table lamps, chandeliers or chandeliers. To dress the curtains of an English interior, decide for the cotton. For the upholstery of chairs or for cushions, velvet or cotton itself are two materials to consider. On the walls of an English interior, it is not uncommon to find wallpaper with refined motifs and pastel tones.

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