Two Original Book Decor

Nov 20th

Book decor – Books are many and are never read. If you still want, with utmost honesty, to get some benefit from their presence, the best way is to use them as aesthetic objects. In years when ignorance has become almost a symbol or rather a status symbol, because we are struggling to collect bookstand to arrange them in a more or less harmonious way in our bookcases? Are we trying to show that we are more educated than we really are? Or do we want to develop a pious desire for reading? Which, with increasingly tight times and gnawed by families. Also work, social and games will remain a disregarded dream?

How to do book decor ideas? First idea is, put the tie to your books. The books can also be used to decorate any corner of the house. Especially if we use hardcover books with a beautiful binding. Or even better old books for which you notice time have passed. The variety of solutions is very wide, depending on where you are going to put them or what style you like the most. You can use satin bows to join them or else rope if you like a more rustic style. Join several books with the same colors or sizes. Or several old books that are bound in a special way and use them to decorate a small table or corner of your home. Second, centerpieces with flowers. If you want to decorative books, think that some old books can be the perfect base for a spectacular or simpler centerpiece.

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Everything will depend on the occasion and your taste. Of course you cannot miss the flowers in a centerpiece and less in this time so spring. The combination of books + flowers is perfect and can give you a lot of play. From placing the bouquet directly on top, to putting it in a brass box or in a glass bell or if you like something simpler, a crystal glass will do the trick. You can also use the book to fill it with flowers and create a very original floral centerpiece. But we can also find other objects in which to place the flowers. Such as an old silver coffee pot or a small decorative cage. All combined with candles. For example, can become the centerpiece for a charming meal. The cups can also be a great idea combined with flowers and books to create a spectacular centerpiece.

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