Trend Spring Summer with Arrow Decor

Nov 24th

Arrow decor, a trend that was already very present in spring 2017 but that seems that this year finally ends up curdling. At the same time, in May we already knew that throughout the spring another micro trend had been spreading. The American Indian motifs, ethnic prints present indistinctly in clothes, textiles for the home and decoration of the home. So, it has all the sense of the world that. When summer arrives, the Indian arrows and motives reach out. Related as they are in the collective imagination. Today we review some of the best ideas we have found on the web to decorate with arrows and Indian motifs, which are not few. It seems incredible what the arrows in decoration give. And you can use them to decorate in a thousand ways.

One of the most widespread is to put a group of arrows in a vase or demijohn. As you would with a bouquet of flowers or with a palm leaf. The “branches of arrows” dress like flowers and allow you to follow the trend. What more could you want? Another good resource is to use them to decorate the wall. You can group them together in perfect lines, use a single arrow decor to decorate the entire wall or combine them with other accessories. Such as vintage posters with messages and wooden letters. Keep in mind that they work especially well with bright colors. And give a lot of play also in children’s rooms. You can also decorate your house with arrows by applying them to the walls with vinyl or using them to decorate your bedding or your cushions.

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Or simply, you can give yourself to the arrows in any expression: clothes, bags, jewelry, crockery, jewelers … you choose! It is true that American Indian motifs have always been more present in the world of fashion than decoration. From the fringes on handbags and boots to the Navajo and Aztec prints on jackets, dresses and tops. The Indian print has been revealed as the central element of many ethnic looks. But not to be more present in fashion we must discard the Indian motifs in decoration. They are usually great allies when it comes to texturing surfaces and providing color and relief to our walls and textiles. And so far this very American ethnic micro-trend ideal for summer 2018. Do you dare to decorate your house with a bunch of arrow decor? Or maybe you prefer more for a blanket with an Indian tepee print?

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