Transitional Decor or Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

Nov 21st

The two most popular styles of bedroom furniture are transitional decor and contemporary furniture designs. There are many specific design elements that each style brings to the furniture for the bedroom. However, for those who do not quite understand the style of home decor, it is very easy to miss the unique features of each. Also, for those who want to bring the right style of furniture to their homes for timeless beauty and cohesive design throughout, it’s good to know the difference.

Transition Furniture

Transition beds, as well as other furniture, are just “traditional” beds, with a smart touch to modern designs. For example, you can find a platform bed made with a mission display or cottage style. While beds made with simple platforms are generally considered modern, many of these beds are built to maintain some of the traditional charm of the bed made with simple and clean lines taken from the styling mission. Bedroom furniture is just that transition, transition. Easily bridge contemporary functionality and style with old world charm. This style fits almost all home decorating schemes because it transitions well with other styles throughout the house.

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Contemporary Furniture for the Bedroom

Many contemporary designs reflect European influences and tend to display fine lines and block styles. A contemporary bed, for example, might be a low profile platform bed, finished in neutral wood tones and less imposing that its traditional partner. Also, contemporary beds can offer other features such as rocky bases built to support mattresses. It can also offer additional storage drawers for underbed storage. This style is very suitable in urban environments, condominiums and other smaller and less magnificent living spaces. Trendy is the word when it comes to contemporary bedroom furniture styles.

Price Considerations

Depending on the quality of the furniture, prices can vary greatly between transition and contemporary furniture. However, for those who want to choose functional furniture for their bedrooms, but still have a little style, there are many contemporary offers among various modern companies such as IKEA. Of course, there are many other companies that design high-end contemporary pieces that attach large price tags.

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While transition pieces can also be found at affordable prices, this style may tend to be more expensive simply because of the additional design features built to create more traditional pieces. This style can also hold its value better and be inherited as an inheritance to the next generation. In essence, contemporary designs can be cheaper because of simple features; such as boxes that are so many of the lines of modern furniture offer because they are cheaper to produce.

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