Traditional Home Interior Egyptian Decor Stylish

Nov 20th

Egyptian decor is a desert country with a rich tradition of hard and sensual wood, sand croquettes, tapestries and antiquity. The decoration of your room in an Egyptian style brings the richness of history in your private space. Opt for a truly ancient Egyptian room with antique furniture, authentic artwork, and heavy woven rugs, or modernize your Egyptian style with clean lines and sculptural reproductions. Whichever option you choose, the goal is to create a cozy space that makes you feel relaxed and at home. With its emphasis on power and spirituality, the art of ancient Egypt offers a unique look at the ideas and beliefs of a culture. By using various aspects of traditional Egyptian decoration to beautify your home, it is important to understand the main qualities of Egyptian art. Choose colors that evoke the desert.

Create an Egyptian dramatic backdrop with a mural on the wall. We have several options for this project. You can paint a simple scene, like a desert with a pyramid under the full moon. You may want to keep the look even simpler and give it a wall of a yellow antique sponge-painted finish to evoke the texture of papyrus. They can add a set of hieroglyphs along the baseboards, or center a larger ornament on the wall. A representation of an Egyptian king, queen or god is adequate. For added dimension, you can use wall decals on egyptian decor ideas themes or apply for small and light reliefs on a mural background. Use papier mâché or light plaster for casting your designs, and then paint the brighter tones with gold accents. The art and visualization of art wall shelving are one of the easiest.

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And most affordable ways to give a bedroom an astute Egyptian update. A simple can of gold spray paint, a hot glue gun, and some fake jewelry can wear anything from a plain figurine to a secondhand store frame. Try your hand in a traditional Egyptian boat. Aging some paper by immersing it in the black tea and letting it dry. The resulting stain resembles a roll of papyrus. Create a simple egyptian wall decor pedestal for a job or craft or craft. Covering a box on the fabric or light velvet and sticking on some shiny jewels and pearls. Add architectural interest and dimension to your room, creating the illusion of columns. The columns can be wall height and the frame of a single wall or a door. Or they can be only one or two feet tall and frame a floating platform or a viewing niche.

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