To Decorate A Wall With A Gold Leaf Wall Decor

Nov 20th

Leaf wall decor – Within this guide we will focus on the explanation of an articulated process that will lead you to make a nice and beautiful wall to decorate that needs light. All you need to do is use a thin gold leaf that can be easily found in DIY stores. Applying it is simple and the result is guaranteed. A technique that is learned quickly. And allows you to change the appearance of a house wall that needs to be renewed. Continue reading the guide to understand how to do.

Let’s start by drawing a pattern with cells, small squares not far apart from each other. With the help of a mask made from a cut-out cardboard of the chosen size. We clean the wall as much as possible and make it smooth and ready for decoration. Then proceed with treating the part with enamel. Using a shade similar to the color of the wall, but slightly contrasting. In this way you have a background frame for the subsequent application of the gold leaf wall decor. By precisely delimiting the surface to be worked, it will be easier to cut the gold sheet to be applied.

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Then we take the cardboard and engrave it with precision. So as to obtain a square opening that, resting on the wall. Allows us to apply in a precise way, and without smudging, our “mix” glue. To obtain an excellent, uniform and perfect application we use a padded sponge and firmly press on the whole surface to be treated. Remembering not to smudge between a frame and the other. Let’s now face the most delicate phase. The gold foil is almost impalpable and should be touched as little as possible with the hands. The foil must therefore be treated with great care and delicacy. While it should be fixed to the wall with the aid of small cotton pad which.

When pressed, will be very helpful to spread the leaf evenly over the portion of wall chosen for application. Then apply the plate’s one after the other until the work is finished. The wall will be brighter and definitely better than it was before. A procedure is therefore a good little articulated and complex. But if performed well it will create an imaginative effect on the wall of your home. It is advisable to apply this technique on the wall where it reflects more light. Just to accentuate the brightness together with the golden of the leaf decoration ideas. Good design.

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