Tips to Change Room to Asian Decor

Nov 27th

Asian decor leaves you feel uninspired, consider changing the room. With some editing of personal belongings and some additions of signature palettes and pieces. Your room may have the taste of a Balinese jungle residence. The best aspect of changing a room to Asian decor is that the themes integrate well with other design trends such as rustic, bohemian modern.


Clean your current room from junk and accessories. Most Asian decor trends have Spartan surfaces or well-designed taboos, so you have to find a home for piles of paper and shreds. It can help to create a landing lane in your pavement with a low shelf, some hooks and a few baskets or drawers with stools for stewing mail, outerwear, bags, magazines, homework and shoes. Set up storage systems to keep the running pipe in check. Once you have cleaned your room, you need to keep it clear using functional pieces that wake up Asian style.

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Try a low, modular wood cabinet in black lacquer for a cool Chinese look, or in a softer poppy black for a Japanese minimalist look. Medium and dark colored wood has Balinese exoticism, while lighter wood produces rattan and bamboo fixtures of Japanese pavilions. Woven baskets or pottery pots can hide smaller items while looking nice fodder a wall or a floating shelf. Invest in a focal piece of furniture that sets the tone for an Asian design system. In the kitchen, a long wooden table with a worried surface reminds of Chinese farmhouses.

In the living room, an antique Chinese chest, shelf or armoire can have elements of oriental furniture outlet such as hand painted landscapes on the doors, wood carpentry, niches for multiple sizes or engraved borders. Accessorize with pieces inspired by Asian crafts and art. A Tibetan Tanka painting of gods amid heavenly wonders or a Japanese wood cloth adds an authentic touch to an Asian room. But you can also hang Asian travel photos, light Indian posters or Japanese cartoon art for a more affordable and whimsical touch. Try a line of tea light in a window or a wooden bowl filled with persimmons for a peeled look. The bright side and the paper lights add pops of color to such Asian rooms.

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Tips and warnings

Finish the look using rustic wooden frames or shiny lacquer frames around your family photos and favorite artwork. Keep accessories to a minimum. In many Asian interiors, empty and negative spaces play an equally important role in decorated and filled spaces.

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