Tips for Choosing the Right Medallion Wall Decor for Your Home

Nov 20th

A medallion wall decor makes an extraordinary accent for a variety of ceiling lighting types, from ceiling fans to chandeliers. Basically, ceiling medallions are glam-up ornamental parts and increase the surrounding area around the roof canopy, where the installation of a chandelier or other lamp enters the ceiling junction box. These medals come in a variety of touches and sizes and can also be painted to suit the current decor. Choose the size of the medal that fits perfectly with the lighting fixtures along with the style and size of the room where it will be placed. When choosing a ceiling medal, remember the following instructions:

Ceiling and Room Size

Calculate the dimensions of the room to decide what size of the ideal medal is the fir room. With the help of a measuring tape, measure the width and length of the room than double the numbers and divide by 7 to estimate the size of the medal in inches. Also, consider ceiling height. Higher focal and ceiling spaces can be increased with larger medals which will otherwise flood small spaces.

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Ceiling Fan Style and Size

Choose medallions that ideally fit the size and also complement the ceiling fan style. The medal must be bigger or smaller than the lamp – not the foundation but the equipment itself. Matching the size of the medallion with a light fixture will visually compress the size of the room. Because ceiling fans have a larger radius, you should choose a medallion with a diameter smaller than the fan.

Consider Ceiling Fixtures Considerations

When thinking of place to place visual features on the floor, it will be easy to overlook the ceiling features. This will affect the way you understand the floor. Swag lights, ceiling fans, and chandeliers tend to pull the eyes up and down from their place. You can place a ceiling medal in the heart of a room, but if your candlestick is not perfectly centered, the variance will give the impression of a wrong medal. To correct this problem, try aligning the medal with the fixture’s focal point, using a perpendicular line for accuracy.

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On the other hand, if you decide not to place a medal in the middle, make sure that it looks at least intentional. Ceiling medals that are only part of the visual center of a room will look strange and like a mistake. However, if it is clear enough that it was never intended to be placed in the heart of the room, asymmetry will not interfere. The secret is to create visual harmony, which means that the parts must fit the entire room in a way so that each element appears to be in the right place.

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