Thinking About Beautiful Tile Decor

Nov 21st

If you are thinking about renovating your home we give you decorating ideas with tile decor that you will surely love. Tiles are fashionable. From the hydraulic type with its beautiful decorations to the most classic and simple as the subway type. They are one of the favorite solutions to decorate walls and floors in bathrooms and kitchens. Although every day they also enter more spaces. If you are thinking of decorating with tiles at home or renovating the ones you already have. Today we are going to tell you some ideas to decorate your home with them. Because tiles have many advantages: durability, resistance, and easy cleaning …  You can also combine them with other types of floor or even bet on floors that simulate parquet. But are actually ceramic. This way you will have all its advantages without the inconveniences that can result in areas of water or that need high resistance.

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There is so much variety that the hard part is deciding on just one type. Pastel shades are fashionable in bathrooms. And we think it is a colorful and fantastic idea. New trends are increasingly focus on making the bathroom a place where we spend the hours of relaxation. And rest and not just a space at home. The tile decor in pastel colors can help you create the ideal relaxing environment for your spa bath. Dare yourself! If you like hydraulic tiles, bet on them. But it is best to combine them with the rest of the space in a more neutral. And even tone to avoid being too overloaded. Whether on the wall or on the floor, we love the hydraulic tiles and the multitude of combination options they offer. Every day we have more imitations of parquet that pass for authentic but without its drawbacks.

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The ceramic floors that imitate it are expensive. But offer us a lot of advantages. You will only notice the difference when your feet touch the ground. And they will last a long time without being notice in them the passage of time. A great solution for your home! Subway tile decor or subway tiles go back to 1904 with the opening of the NY subway and have continue to be used for their simplicity and elegance. Now they return with force to decorate our bathrooms perhaps due to the influence of the Nordic decoration where they seem to like a lot, perhaps because of its simplicity. Blank or black are the two most used options, especially white. They give a classic touch to a bathroom or kitchen and are always a hit. But nowadays you can also find them in many more colors and options, the difficult thing will be to choose!

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