The Best Ideas And Techniques Of Flower Wall Decor

Nov 20th

Flower wall decor – Whenever autumn arrives we feel nostalgia for spring. Have you ever thought that there are many different ways to decorate with flowers? Today we are going to see two different ways to decorate the walls with flowers. Because if you want, you can turn your house into an eternal spring. Because unlike real flowers, these flowers can last a lifetime.

3D Flowers

Do you want to surround yourself with a flower garden? So, you can literally try to reproduce this design for the decoration of the walls of Front Projects. Although it is a laborious and difficult task, composed of flowers made of plastic and silk, artificial flowers of great realism. It will be much easier and more affordable to make your own cardboard flowers, white or colored. You just have to take a cardboard, draw a flower outline with the shape that we like and cut it out. Afterwards, we will cut two more of the same ones using the previous one as a template. Then removing one centimeter of contour to each one.

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So that we obtain three equal flowers but different sizes. There will be three templates with which to cut the rest of the ” flowers “, and before we realize we will have finished. You can also use other materials instead of cardboard, as long as they have certain rigidity. For example, any fabric will not work, but a felt type can be a very good option. With a little adhesive in the center of each flower, we will do the rest, obtaining a flower wall decor diy result such that.

With paper

If you are good at crafts then this idea of making paper flower wall decor will be an entertainment for you. Making paper flowers is rewarding. Because you are the one who makes them. As in the case of painting those on the wall and you can also achieve excellent results. Only your imagination and creativity can set limits. Take colored paper, scissors, and pencil and let your imagination fly. Finally, in addition, let’s not forget that with floral motifs, as with plants in general, we are contributing to the decoration the wood element. Which symbolizes life and spring and, according to the Feng-Shui philosophy, energetically speaking encourages creativity and energy. So it seems a good idea to decorate with flowers. Even if they are not “natural”. And so, the end.

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