Super Beautiful Peacock Décor and Color

Nov 20th

These days I have been designing some pieces and my inspiration has been the peacock decor feathers. Not only the delicacy of its construction. But the exotic richness of its colors. That combination of bluish green, turquoise and also gold are a perfect formula to achieve an elegant, sophisticated and colorful look. Then, today I will share the inspiration of this week with some decorative ideas inspire by peacocks.  The peacock, with its iridescent blue-green plumage. It has long provided a decorative motif in art and interior decoration. Originally the rarity and beauty of the peacock was available only to the rich in Europe, as a symbol of power and luxury. Maybe that’s why they were so popular in decoration among the designers of the Art Nouveau movement. In our time, the colors of the peacocks are use to achieve a sumptuous atmosphere, elegant and full of style.

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Paint the walls blue-green, furniture can be neutral colors like beige or black. And add decorative details in gold and coffee. If you want a more literal decorative décor, you can get wallpaper or objects with dreadful prints. A really impressive detail can be a floral arrangement in which several peacock decor feathers are incorporate. In fact, it is possible to get a festive decoration full of luxury. And with the exotic and oriental richness of this beautiful bird. The turkey has gone up. Yes, yes, as you hear it! This season the peacock look unfolds its range of polychromatic feathers to highlight the decoration of its beauty. And its tones: green parrot and imperial blue. The symbol bird of India inspires and permeates each of the pieces of this collection with its majestic appearance and its fascinating exoticism.

Cushions, bedding, table accessories, precious vases, pictures, mobile phone cases, tablet and countless details with which you will join one of the last holdings. The peacock feather is and has always been used for decorative purposes because of its striking appearance. The combination of its iridescent colors is not comparable to any other. And is large, which makes it perfect for multiple uses. Above we have a beautiful aquamarine garland that is ideal for decoration on the most special occasions. On the other hand, feathers can also be use to make decorations for the objects inside. In this way you can see in the photo above that the peacock decor feathers have been use to give a different and original touch to the lamp. For that, a round lamp that has been cover with feathers has been choose.

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