Stylish Stratton Home Decor on Wall

Nov 21st

Stratton home decor – The elegance of the style of interior decoration Hollywood is one of the most popular today. Either for its accessories in golden tones or its marble-style finishes that give a touch of distinction to any type of house.  Composite wood is a new type of construction material that has become increasingly popular in recent years. This is a sustainable building material, made of recycle plastic and wood chips. Which means that the use of our products can help reduce environmental pollution and prevent further deforestation. The cost of wood may be lower in the stage initial. But the maintenance cost will obviously increase in the later stage. In the long term, using composite materials will be more profitable. So more and more people are replacing traditional wood with composite materials.

In color and appearance, we offer 6 types of conventional color selection and different grain patterns. Its unique surface treatment technology, makes our composite material more beautiful and safe. Does not twist or fracture, and has an anti-slip ability, you can walk on it with bare feet. With the unique processing technology. Seven Trust composite wood can effectively combat mold and also natural erosion. It is not necessary to dye or polish. Composite materials are not attractive to insects. You do not have to worry about termites. It keeps looking new after many years of use. No cracks, no rot, which is widely use in outdoor floors, fences and other purposes. All composite decorative materials we sell are very easy to install. And also can be used for a variety of home decoration and commercial use.

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WPC decks not only maintain the affinity of the natural wood floor. But also have many patterns and for your choice. The WPC platform is widely used outdoors and in humid environments. Such as patios, porches, swimming pools, etc. mosaic of composite terracing tiles has the high capacity of resistance to UV radiation and resistance to discoloration due to its innovative compound 100% recycle wood and plastic. They are easy to install. So they win the favor of those customers who want to bring. And as much creativity in outdoor decoration as possible. Stratton home decor are ideal for any commercial or domestic coating project. New construction or renovation as a stable color alternative to real wood planks. Made from a unique combination of recycled wood and also plastic, our highly developed and unique composition combines the traditional look of wood with the durability of an engineered composite.

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