Striking and Hilarious Safari Decor in Home

Nov 21st

Looking for an original idea about safari style? Below, we offer the most original decorations for safari decor ideas . If you are thinking of decorating a children’s room you can not miss today’s post. I want to share some ideas to decorate that space with the theme of safari and the animal world. The tones that I have chosen are warm. Because I combine natural woods with touches of yellow. If your room is rather small you can always bet on less bulky beds. Although for this concept I have chosen this bed-cabin that along with the mango drawer, the tipi and the lamp are the protagonists. As always I like to discover products of different brands. And fit them in the same environment, vintage, eclectic, rustic, industrial, bohemian, contemporary…

Because nowadays, all these tendencies have been merged. And create a personal and very personal style. I bet for rather neutral tones. I also want to share other bed or crib options that could fit the theme. If the room is not very big you can choose beds with storage drawers underneath or beds with simpler structures. And that they occupy less space, I leave you some ideas around here… And looking I found many decorative animal heads. With this theme you can not miss the head of your favorite animal.  If you like crafts, you can always try to make a hanger, a bookend, and handles for drawers. Or practical decorative glass boats for storage starting from plastic animals. And painting them with spray of the color that you like the most. I have look for these tutorials that can give you some more idea.

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The idea of ​​the boats with the golden animals on the cover I love. It is very elegant and can also be use to decorate a party that meets the safari decor theme. But if yours are not the crafts or you just do not have time you can always find other options. I found by the net some shooters that if you think about taking advantage of a chest of drawers or small closet for the room surely these would look great. There are different styles, I have loved the elephant. You already know that even the smallest details are important. And here’s the post for today, as I always hope to have given you many beautiful ideas, until next time! Hoping it was useful for you, see you next time!

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