Steps to Cowboy Decor Your Home Western Style

Nov 20th

Cowboy Decor – So you want to decorate your home in a Western style without spending a lot of money and looking like you live in a warehouse. You might ask yourself where to start. Here are some suggestions to help you on your way to a beautifully decorated western-style house.

  1. A good decorator will tell you to start with focus or inspiration. It can be an architectural structure such as a fireplace, beautiful scenery or special artwork. If you have inspiration in your mind but can’t buy it directly, decorate it in mind, and buy it when you can.
  2. First, you will want to start with the paint color for the room. Dark colors will make a small room look smaller, so keep in mind the size of the room when choosing colors. Western color themes are usually natural colors such as green cactus, earthy brown, sunset red, deep sky blue, and yellow clay. Paint is the easiest and most affordable way to organize Western decorations throughout your home.
  3. Next, starting from the small one, select several parts for the room that you like. If you do a bathroom, start with cabinet hardware. There are cabinet knobs and hardware in the Old West style with shotgun shells, razor horns, and wire or riding style, using Conchos, western belts and other items are seen on the Horse performance ring. All of these items are widely available in rustic themes, featuring statues, cowboy ranch capes and other iconic symbols of western livestock life.
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Choose which style you like the most and gradually add some quality pieces. Coir plates and dispensers, containers for bathing goods, and necessities such as linen, bath mats, and shower curtains can all be used to enhance the western theme. Spend a lot of money on things you touch such as towels, rugs and bathroom accessories to create a feeling of luxury. Hang western artwork or rustic signs in large empty spaces, bathroom mirror frames with old wood sheds.

  1. If you decorate a bedroom, you might want to use some western-style photo frames and some small knick-knacks to bring a western touch to the room. Tables and shelves make good homes for wrought iron statues or small collectibles such as wheelbarrows, stirrups, and spurs. A simple way to enter western decorations into your home is with artwork. Framed artwork featuring traditional cowboy culture, rural farm scenes or pastures or western wildlife such as wolves, bears, and horses can be a great addition to western room decor.
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