Spanish Decor in the Bedroom

Nov 21st

The Mediterranean look combines a little Spanish Decor, green and Italian design. To get this insight into your bedroom, you need to capture the natural beauty that you will see on the Mediterranean coast. The climate is always warm and natural. There are several ways to get this look in your room so you can adjust the look to what you like and still end up in a Mediterranean look. Because the appearance of the Mediterranean combines Spanish, Greek and Italian designs together. You need to add a little more than three to compensate for the look. For example, Italian style will add marble floors and wooden ceilings. These fabrics will cover with tapestries and wrought iron accessories such as candle holders, pendants and frames. Pottery is accommodate in various rooms as well as stones and ceramics. Bright colors are part of the Italian look too.

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Greek decor consists of white and green and blue painted walls. You can enter this color in the furniture or by accessing the room with these colors. With Spanish decorations, you have various colors to choose from. This will give you a little freedom. Place the bed in the middle of the room if possible. The bed must be worn with a white comforter and some pillows throw various shapes. All pillows must be white. Add a blanket to throw at the foot of the bed in the ocean blue. This will give you the color of your bed and it will fit your Mediterranean decor. The walls must be decorated with tapestry decorations. Tapestry decorations add the right amount of color to the wall. You can put a photo of the ocean on the wall too. Access with large terra cotta pots by growing green plants.

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Place it near the door or around the bed. The window needs to be done with flowing white curtains. Don’t worry about cutting it. Let them dance in the wind when the window opens. If you want to add color to the window. Make light green or brown to go to the top of the window, still retaining sheets of sheets. You can make a special corner in your room to add mosaic tiles around your mirror or dressing table. This gives the color and style of the wall. Growing plants is also part of decoration. You can hang plants in the corners of the room and in the window. Place the candles on the wall and have them sit around the bed. Place a few glass bowls on your table and fill with a quarter with sand. Then you can add the shell to the bowl.

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