Sophisticated Restroom Decor in Small Space

Nov 20th

Restroom decor – Each of us has our own style. Give personality to the spaces and that they are only ours is one of the objectives of the decoration. Therefore, when we have to reform the bathroom we all consider what style of decoration goes with us. The sober minimalism or more classic options? the neutral colors or the most colorful tiling? The character of our bathroom will depend on the materials, the distribution, the furniture and the accessories. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. Think that it is the space where your day will start. The keys to success in decorating bathrooms are in order, cleanliness and small details. Having a small bathroom is not incompatible with overflowing style and modernity.

In the same way, you can also give a new air to the bathroom without needing to reform it. These are the 3 main aspects that you must take into account to decorate your bathroom. First, the tiles: your color will determine the style of your restroom decor. White is always a wise choice. But there is also room for more daring colors. You can even paint the boards. Storage: a tidy bathroom is a happy bath. The choice of furniture will be key to achieve the desire order. And, most important of all, keep it. Remember, less is more. Do not fill the bathroom with junk that is useless. Bet to complement the bathroom cabinet with an auxiliary trolley and a light shelf. Textiles: towels can completely change the style of bathroom decoration.

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The shower curtain, the floor mat or the hand towels are ideal elements to assemble the color palette of your bathroom. A sophisticate restroom decor involves using the most elegant color of the palette: black. Cover the walls, use a black floor and some elements of the toilets. Such as the basin sink, and have managed to create a setting full of glamor in this bathroom. A combination, black and white, with which you always hit. Do not forget that a bathroom admits decorative elements such as paintings, mirrors and plants. With minimalist airs, lacquered finishes. And a palette of colors that plays with the grays and whites, with some touches of cream and the presence of black in one of the doors. This spacious and modern bathroom that Archior designers bring us invites you to rest and relax in luxury.

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