Small Wall Decor Ideas for Televisions

Nov 21st

Small wall decor – Frame television to create the impression of a work of art and add architectural interest to make it look like a part of the wall instead of an intrusive addition. Attach crown molding in the form of a frame to the wall around the adhesive for the construction use of the television. And paint the inner part of the area framed a slightly darker shade than the rest of the wall. Or you can add a beadboard panel behind the television. Install the beadboard from the base of the wall behind the television. These anchor it to the ground and resemble the furniture. Attach the beadboard with construction adhesive or wire nails.

Another way to decorate a TV wall is to surround it with high shelves. This extends the visual effect of television, making it look more like a piece of custom furniture and less like a large electronic device hanging on the wall. Place a tall bookshelf on both sides of the TV. And fill the shelves with items such as DVDs, candles, photos and green plants. Do not saturate the shelves. Keep simple decoration items for a clean and elegant look.

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You can add wall art around a television, but do not hang pictures or photographs that will be very similar to television images, such as images of people or landscapes. Instead, pass the abstract art, or metal sculptures. A long, colorful abstract artwork hanging horizontally above a wall-mounted TV can add a touch of color and sophistication. Choose a frame that matches the television, such as a black frame if your television is black, to help tie the technique to the TV. Do not hang mirrors side of the television, as the light can bounce off the mirrors, creating a look. Or add a long shelf, floating on each side of the television. And place an interesting sculpture, vase, or a stack of DVDs on each shelf. Make sure the shelves are the same visually.

Use adhesive tape to create geometric patterns in bold, or to imitate or openwork latticework. Before recording, paint the base layer. To save a step, try using your original color as a base, or make your primer tinted. Mark your design with painter’s masking tape, and then paint with your second color. For bold geometric figures or rectangles, it’s fun to use two or more colors for different sections, in addition to the base layer.

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