Round Wall Decor to Improve Your Space

Nov 21st

If you like interior decoration and challenges, undoubtedly you have a good incentive in the round wall decor to improve yourself. Although this type of construction is not usual. The truth is that sometimes you can find this situation. Or you may have been looking for a flat with these characteristics. In the real estate news we have thought about showing you some suggestions to successfully decorate the curve walls of your flat. That is, you can not and should not ignore its concave condition. Since it will determine the way you should decorate it. Or combine it with the rest of the furniture in the room. Some interior designers think that what we must do first of all is to highlight their concavity with the appropriate elements.

In this sense, a good option can be to place an upholster armchair with a color that stands out above the painting chosen for the back wall. Or a statue or decorative figure according to the style of the rest of the room. Although you can also contrast trends in search of creating an eclectic space. And is that, although it can be risky. The result, if it goes well, will be spectacular. The result? Placing one of those elements in front of the round wall decor we are creating a point of attention that will attract the observer’s gaze. At the same time that it gives the space the prominence it deserves. Choose shades that mix without stridency with the rest of the colors that already dress the room.

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For example, in the case that the room has walls paint with neutral tones. Then a good idea may be to choose natural tones. And since you will be creating two differentiated zones that complement each other at the same time. This is one of the most important points. Since with lighting we are force to play with the ability to decorate two elements. On the one hand, the lamp, and on the other, the light it emits. Both the choice of style, size and shape of the luminaire as well as the brightness, and warmth. And power of the light it gives off are fundamental to adequately highlight the round wall decor of the room that we are decorating. An example of decoration of our curvilinear space could include a ceiling lamp with an “accomplice” design that also describe round lines in order to achieve a greater impact.

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