Rosette Feather Wall Decor

Nov 20th

Feather wall decor – The feathers to decorate are good on the walls and you can choose balls made with them. However, you have to bear in mind that this decorative detail is not very appropriate in interiors in which people allergic to dust. The reason is that feathers accumulate a lot of dust and are more difficult to clean. Within the decorative elements made with feathers, the rosette is one of the most widespread and used. Especially to decorate walls.

The rosette, due to its characteristic circular shape, is ideal for decorating large plans such as walls or ceilings. The most characteristic rosettes are plaster and are used to decorate ceilings. However, feathers, although less known, are a great option especially for those bare walls where we do not know what to put. Like the circular clocks, the rose window “fills” the wall as if it were a painting, making it not need anything else. In addition, the lightness of the material gives it a light and somewhat cozy touch. That is why it is as usual in bedroom decoration as the original headboard, especially in white, as it invites you to sleep.

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On the other hand, thanks to its infinite range of colors, it can serve as a focal element of wall decorative to color the room. A large rosette in a lively tone, a carpet of the same color and a small vase or cushion in a similar tone will be perfect when decorating rooms and bedrooms in neutral tones. In some cases, you can also choose to mix feathers of different colors. Either creating a bichrome rosette or a multicolored one for children’s or colorful rooms. Regarding the number and size, when decorating walls, the usual thing is to place a large and unique rose window. However, it may also look good several rosettes of different sizes (one large and two small, for example).

If you use an odd number you will give a dynamic touch. If you choose to use only two, you will create a symmetrical effect typical of the classical style. The feather rosettes are ideal in general for environments of contemporary style, as well as for vintage, shabby chic styles. In addition, in their white, raw or gray versions, they can look great in Scandinavian style interiors. So, do you need ideas to decorate a wall of those in which you seem to lack something? Try to place a rosette of feathers. And see what change of cheap artwork that so beautifully.

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