Rooster Mexican Kitchen Decor the New Addition to Your Home

Nov 20th

Mexican kitchen decor is not only a great way to get extra seating without too much space but they can also function as unique accent pieces in your kitchen. Bar stools are perfect for high counters, kitchen islands or high-bistro-style tables and can work with a variety of decorating styles. Here are some tips on the types of bar stools that you might want to adjust to a particular decorating style.


Contemporary style calls for sleek modern lines. You can get interesting stools from chrome or steel that will match chrome equipment. If your kitchen has a mysterious, dark appearance, try adding a black bar stool. To add a few zips you can use a bar stool that has a funky design, or if you are not adventurous, try some with half a back foot or V-shaped legs.


Retro is in these days and what better way to accent your retro style kitchen than with a bench that borrows design elements from a good past. You can buy new chairs made of chrome and vinyl in various styles. Unlike actual antique chairs you don’t need to worry about rusty metal or torn upholstery with new stools. You can get a big chair with or without a back in a retro 50’s look, a retro lounge look with a full back and arms, and even a backless counter bench like you sees in a soda shop.

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For tropical themed kitchens you can choose from a wide selection of bar stools that will complement your look. First you can go with plain bamboo or rattan if your kitchen is very informal. If you want a more pleasant look, you can try a metal bar stool that has palm trees or other tropical style pieces or similar stools painted on the back with a tropical design.


If your kitchen is modeled after a café or bistro, you will find many chairs that you can use to enhance the look. Plain cherry wood chairs like the ones you see in upscale coffee shops always look good and you can also get a stylish new age metal chair that completes this look very well.


If you go with an ethnic and unpretentious kitchen like Tuscan or Mexican style, you might see a wrought iron bench. They come with designs on your back, arms and legs that range from really scrolly to just a little. With upholstered chairs, this can be covered to match the colors in your kitchen.

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