Professional Makeup Room Decor Home Interiors

Nov 20th

The natural light in a sunroom makes them the perfect space for a makeup room decor or games for you. Having a wide light in your creative space avoids visual fatigue and ensures that you are able to see the materials in the best way. Maximize the potential of a sunroom, keeping the furniture simple and functional. The shelves are responsible for giving the character chic and professional that both identifies our protagonist. For the clothes, we have taken advantage of the existing built-in wardrobe to which we have simply removed the doors. Painted the interior in white and added a gray frame to match the rest of the styling. Thanks to the accessories located inside the wardrobe. Now everything has its place and the general impression of that space is clean and tidy.

Thanks to comfortable leather chairs in white, a small table, a mirror and a great bouquet of flowers. We get a feminine and ideal environment in which to enjoy fashion relaxedly. Customers will feel like true models thanks to the amazing look of the catwalk. A large wall of mirrors will be responsible for everyone can look. And retreat as they parade down a soft carpet framed by a rail with many spotlights. Also, to help see the styles from different angles, we have placed a mirror on the opposite wall. Thus, Arantxa will be able to explain directly to the client the most suitable outfits for his figure and personality. This area is totally reserving for makeup decorations classes. And for that, a desk will be in charge of acting as a dressing table.

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Always maintaining the elegant character that Arantxa was looking for we have also located a mirror. With a peculiar lighting system that makes us feel as if we were in a real professional dressing room. As a finishing touch, and to be able to organize all the makeup room setup. We have placed two trolleys that will help you to make brushes. Paintings and all the indispensable ones always accessible and orderly. With the intention of giving the interior that modern and elegant style. We make sure to use a sufficiently simple color base. So that the accessories and decoration adapt to the room. The wardrobe is framed with a gray colors that helps us to integrate it. With the predominant colors giving special importance to this area. Also one of the walls we have painted it with gray and white accent. That giving it an minimalist and different touch.

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