Pig Decor: Decoration Ideas For Ceramic Pig Piggy Banks

Nov 20th

Pig decor – Have you recently purchased a piggy bank to teach your child the value of saving money? The decoration element will motivate you even more to put coins in the piglet, until you are sure you are ready to spend them. The favorite colors or personalized decorations of your child will make the piggy bank more attractive. So that it can serve as a decoration element as well as a money saving tool.

Paint your child’s name on the side of the piggy bank or use a template to create your monogram on both sides of the object in fancy letters. The classic or original look of this pig decor diy could be an attractive reminder for the child when it is bigger. As well as a reminder to be wise with your money. The piggy bank stands out even more with small painted flowers and ribbons. Or bows glued with silicone around the neck of the piglet or between its ears for greater texture and color.

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If your child’s room is decorated with polka dots and a drop-shaped pattern, help him paint his piggy bank with one or both patterns. So that the latest addition to his room matches the rest of the elements in the space. Let her spray the piggy bank with glitter for a brilliant final touch. If your child’s room has a theme of camouflage, choose black, green and brown paint to cover the piggy bank. Or choose stickers soldiers and army stars and hats to stick to the piggy bank.

Select paintings in the colors that your child likes to decorate the piggy bank. If you have more than one favorite color, the piggy bank will probably have a swirl of nuances that will make it unique. Buy templates along with the paintings. So that older children can paint images of stars, hearts or geometric shapes in hot or cold tones that they like. If the piggy bank is especially personalized, your child maybe more inclined to have a sense of ownership over money inside.

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The piggy bank is for an older child who already has definite ideas about how he wants to spend his money? So, decorate it with artistic representations of his spending goals. For example, if your child wants to buy a new pair of shoes with the money, buy a small decal or sticker in the shape of shoes to decorate the piggy bank. If your daughter has a favorite combination of patterns or colors and wants to buy more clothes that reflect her style, buy strips of fabric and stick them with silicone in the center of the piggy bank. Stresses the strips of fabric with a small edge of pearl or synthetic cord for greater visual appeal of the cute pig decor.

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