Paris Decor for the Cape Cod Home

Nov 21st

Paris decor is the first step in creating balance and harmony. Learn how to use colors and fabrics to complement your Cape Cod home. The Cape Cod-style house is known for its simple design and architecture. Derived from the end of the 17th century in New England, and became very popular between. The 1930s – 1950s Cape Cod-style homes representing simpler times. Houses are usually one to one and a half floors with a chimney in the middle, a steep roof, asymmetrical appearance with a door in the middle, and a multi-paned window with shutters. When designing for a Cape Cod home, or giving your home now. Cape Cod feels just to remember where and when the design came from and this will make it easier to design a theme for your home.

You have a lot of freedom with a Cape Cod Paris decor house; it can be relaxed or elegant and doesn’t need to be nautical. You can use the period from the 17th century to the 1950s, and decorate it according to the style used for that period. From the simple rustic decor, from the Paris with all its elegance and style, to the main colors used in the 1950s. You can also, think of the natural environment of the home area. Imagine all the colors of the beach, with peaceful blue water and the sky, subtle shades of sand, seashells on the beach, seagulls in the air, watching the sunset at the end of a peaceful day.

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Bring this picture with you, and choose five to seven colors with inspiration from this natural environment and your way to a balanced, peaceful and harmonious theme for your home. Maybe blue robin eggs, yellow sunrise, red sunsets, cobalt gray, and soft sand. Add splashes of these colors throughout your home with paint, accessories, and accent fabrics. Eyes are attract to color and texture. Add splashes of color, and the texture throughout the room creates balance and draws your eyes around the room. The key to creating a Cape Cod feel is in trim colors. White trims both inside and outside is definitely a Cape Cod tradition.

Paint your outer trim, your porch, and maybe even white shutters. Paint your inside, your shelf, and maybe even the white doors and cabinets. This creates a clean and sharp look that will praise most colors of the walls and floors. Use good-quality gloss, or semi-gloss paint, to clean your trim. If you want to go further with your Cape Cod decor, then wooden floors also feature traditional Cape Cod. The wooden floor anchors the house by adding warmth and natural beauty. And modern technology, giving you many choices of prices and designs.

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