Natural Beauty of Seashell Bathroom Decor

Nov 21st

Seashell bathroom decor – The shells are a beautiful natural element with many shapes, sizes and colors. It’s also very decorative and that allow us to give a maritime and summer touch to our house putting a bit of nature in it. Here we are going to show you some curious and simple examples to incorporate them into any space as direct treasures of the sea. We encourage you to collect shells this summer on the beach. And put your imagination to practice inspiring in these images. If you want to add a summer touch to your bathroom without investing a lot of money and time, here is a great idea. It involves filling glass containers with water, shells and conches and a candle. When you go to the beach, remember to take several shells, of all sizes, colors and shapes.

It’s all you need to make these original candle holders. The master touch? Add a few drops of essential oil or salt to the water. And fill the bathroom with sea aroma. Here is another idea that you can do yourself and that may look great. And you will not need to buy anything or invest a lot of time. Look for old frames. Those that we have at home and that we no longer use. Because they have gone out of style or are somewhat old. Paint the edges white, remove the glass and put a navy blue fabric in place instead. Place a starfish, a large shell or a conch shell in the center. In addition to an original painting, you will have a memory of your last trip to the beach hanging on the wall. Who said that the plants are only for the garden?

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More and more adepts to interior gardens, vertical gardens and decoration with plants from all rooms of the house. The bathroom is one of the best spots for it. Also, as the bathrooms are usually white. It creates a very nice contrast and adds a touch of color. A curiosity? According to Feng Shui, the best plant to decorate the bathroom is bamboo. Why? First, because it grows very well in places with low light and second. Because they say that if you place it in front of the mirror. It provides a lot of positive energy. Do you see how it is easy and fun seashell bathroom decor in summer? And best of all, it does not have to cost a fortune and anyone can do it!

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