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Nov 20th

What do you think of copper decor? It is a material that, although it reminds us of gold, has that more “shy” character and without wanting to be so pretentious. It is perfect for any object: candle holders, lamps, faucets or decorative staircases. Ideal for any room in house, from bedroom, kitchen to any accessory for bathroom. We can find it in a very subtle way in many objects, thus giving small touches to our decoration. As in cap of a lamp or inside a screen, on legs of your table … In any element we can find copper. Give your corner that original side. As a material, there are many advantages of copper decoration: it is sustainable, natural, malleable, durable, resistant and hygienic, preventing accumulation and spread of bacteria. In addition to all those physical characteristics. It has aesthetic appeal of its reddish reflections that give it a unique value.

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Its unique reddish finish has turned it into one of most fashionable metallic colors. And at a decorative level we no longer only incorporate it as a material. And paintings full of glitter become indispensable materials for Craft lovers who want to introduce copper in decoration in an economical and simple way. Tonalities of copper decor go from brown to green through orange. And we find it with shiny or rather matt finishes. Be that as it may, it is a color with a lot of personality that stands out on its own. And perhaps because of that, it has cost more in its incorporation in recent years. Well, although it has been trying for some time to enter world of decoration. It is not until now that we begin to see more and more this color, in accessories, furniture and accessories.

Although little by little it is gaining ground and we are seeing it in more accessories, accessories, even furniture … Copper decor lamps are undoubtedly the star ingredient for your home this season. With designs for all tastes, copper-color lamps sweep the houses and do so with many different styles. With more rounded lines such as the famous Copper Shade Lamp by Tom Dixon. Even more geometric models, more industrial style spotlights and even simple ceiling light bulbs with some copper-color detail. We have not been able to resist this new trend. So soon we will bring you new projects where copper will be the protagonist. Do not miss them! And do you like copper for decoration? What is your favorite idea? Leave us your comments!

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