Magic Ideas Harry Potter Room Decor

Nov 20th

Harry potter room decor – We must admit that most of the girls are fans of Harry Potter and is that who does not love this world full of magic and mystery. No doubt since the first appearance of this magician we all dream of having at least some of the decorations that were show in the movies. Harry Potter is a very popular character in the world. Despite having finishes the series of books and films, it is still admired by many fans of all ages, who delight in collecting all the official merchandise and being aware of all the news generated by their universe. If you are already an adult … It does not matter, as they say: “It’s never too late for Harry Potter!”. The products you can get range from candles, mirrors, pillows, quilts, watches and more to transform any place in your little shelter against the dementors.

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Fortunately we do not have to wait any longer to decorate our favorite spaces with this beautiful theme, to help you, we have given the task of choosing the best Harry Potter decorations to make your home look full of magic. For more years that we have, Harry Potter will always be in the heart and on the top of our favorite books and movies. For that reason we want to show you some ideas that you could apply to decorate your room and have a special magic as Howarts has it. Although we only recommend it for parties and outside, you could put candles on the ceiling and turn them on. If you have battery (false) candles, you could also do it in your room.

Although the best is this pillow of the marauder map … especially if you turn off the lights. You can hang these winged keys in your room or use it to hang your lenses, necklaces, bracelets and other accessories. Although also another option would be to use this cage, which also gives you the option to put your earrings near your Oesed mirror, which will show you your deepest desires. You can write your own cards with this writing kit … although good you only need your owl, and of course, magic. Is worth dreaming. With these accessories you can decorate your room according to your favorite house, be it the mirry of Gryffindor, the bully of Slytherin, the ñoñazo of Ravenclaw, or the joke of Hufflepuff (you know we are right).

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