Let’s See the Best Ideas Country Farmhouse Décor

Nov 20th

Country farmhouse decor has already been the protagonist in other posts published here in here, such as those of rustic kitchens . But the truth is that there is nothing like seeing proposals. And taking ideas from real rural houses to be inspire by the decoration of our house. We now see the best decoration in rural houses with charm to inspire. The rural houses are houses build in a natural environment. They serve us to spend holidays, special moments or simply to enjoy the mountain for a few days. They also serve as inspiration for the decoration of any type of house. Since it has elements such as the living room, kitchen and bedroom. And we can “dress” in a way that resembles them to enjoy the rustic throughout the year.

Do not get carried away for what it costs a rural house. Because you can find some expensive and ugly or cheap rural houses with sensational conditions. The living room is perhaps one of the areas of the country farmhouse decor houses. Where the decoration that is choose for them stands out much more. Although the earth and brown tones are predominant throughout the stay. This is compound by the fact of having element. Such as chairs and table , shelves or coal stove and have a mark rustic style. On the one hand we have the presence of sofas that has an element of color that makes them stand out as is the red of the covers.

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Also a table in the middle, in wood and a kitchen in the back next to stairs. That I imagine will give access to the rest of the house. We can inspire not only the choose colors (there is red repeat on the walls). But we can also see that the use of wood is perhaps one of the materials. That can not really be missing if we want to have our own country farmhouse decor house. Although wood has been an element or material that has starred. This time and for the bedrooms inspire by those of the rural houses I want to talk about another material such as stone. The stone is in fact a material more than use for the construction of rural houses. And in this occasion we see how the walls of this bedroom, of a rural house in castle, we can also have them in our own house.

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