Interesting Brick Wall Decor Ideas

Nov 20th

Brick wall decor – A brick wall is an attractive architectural element in any house or apartment. It is often found in urban loft apartments, exposed brick walls add a feeling of warmth and texture to a space. Homeowners and interior designers have several options in designing brick walls. Including wall painting, hanging decorative items and adding a fireplace.

An idea of ​​decorating common brick walls is colored paint. Instead of keeping the brick in plain view. Many owners and designers choose to paint their wall of a specific color to match the color scheme of the room. The owners have the option of choosing the same color of paint that they use throughout the rest of the room or to select a different color, so the brick an accent wall. Either way, the painted brick provides an appearance of texture and depth to the room. For a more individualized look, some choose to paint a mural on the exposed brick wall, which is an interesting way to decorate and create art on a brick wall. Murals are favorites in children’s rooms, as they provide a colorful focal point for the boy or girl.

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A simple way to design best brick wall decor is to hang decorative objects. Brick walls, although of different texture, are treated the same as regular plaster walls. The only difference is that homeowners and designers must use concrete screws to ensure that items are properly secured. Home owners and designers can decorate a brick wall by hanging frames of mirrors, artwork and image. They can also attach decorative shelves to the wall and place items such as picture frames or candles on the shelves. A brick wall with decorative elements in it creates a focal point and adds texture in the room.

Another option for decorating the brick wall is a ledge. If the new brick wall décor has a fireplace, a lovely fireplace draws attention to the area. If there is no fireplace, a fireplace can serve as a kind of art screen on the wall. Homeowners and designers can also use the mantle to decorate, place candles, picture frames or plants on top of the platform. The mantle added to the brick wall must match the design scheme of the room. For example, if the room is designed in a contemporary style, a simple wooden shelf is a good choice. If the design of the room is more traditional, a stone or marble ledge works well.

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