Incredible Ideas Animal Head Wall Decor

Nov 22nd

Although I am nothing fan of hunting or taxidermy, there is no reason not to admire the incredible aesthetic result that is achieve with the heads of fake or artificial animal head wall décor. Provided that it can be seen at a glance that they are truly just decorative objects. They work in all styles and can become. If place in the right place, the perfect host of the room. Deer, mountain goats, rhinos, elephants, giraffes. And all the wild animals you can imagine or whose aesthetics achieve impressive results. Even reindeer or maples, with their large and beautiful antlers. Of course, always artificial. Heads molded in plaster or plaster. Kept in a neat white, painted in elegant blacks or grays or fun colors for the most transgressing salons.

The white of the plaster or the ceramic is the most seen color. Because it allows the combination in any decorative frame. And because it brings a lot of sophistication, something that only white and black achieve almost in any environment. In modern and minimalist styles. But also in more classic, even rustic rooms. Those passionate about hunting and taxidermy, precisely choose the rustic style if they are going to exhibit their trophies on the walls of the house. But when it comes to artificial animal head wall décor. It seems that it is usually the other way around and that they fit better in more current environments. These are made only from recycled materials such as paper. Wild animals such as rhinos, giraffes, elephants or lions are also mold by the manufacturers of this type of decorative objects.

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The result, as you see, is ideal. In this case it has been integrate into a pastel sky blue wall and on some classic furniture. I love the result. The place of placement of these supplements should vary depending on the daily life of the inhabitants of the house. Above the fireplace is usually the perfect place. Because it is a corner very visible and in turn away from traffic. If you do not have a fireplace, do not worry, place it on the main front wall or on the sofa, where you’ll give it a lot of prominence. But be careful not to put it too low because you can get more of a bump when you get up. More out of the ordinary, we find in the market animal head wall decor made with fun structures of paper so that you can also build them yourself. These are widely used in children’s rooms but do not detract anything as a complement to the living room.

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