Ideas 70s Decor for Your Home

Nov 21st

70s decor – The 1970s were a time of self-expression and non-conformity. Music, fashion, hairstyles and home decoration were places where people expressed their individuality and fought the conformity of past generations. Elegant home decor designs of the era involved bright colors, elegant looking furniture, fashion accents and patterns. If you’re looking to bring a little retro-fun into your home, incorporating some of the most chic designs of the 70s can be a simple, enjoyable way to do it.

Bright colors ideas for 70s decoration. Color infused all the rooms of a 1970’s house. From brightly colored upholstery and carpet to wallpaper and paint, color spots add fun and life to each room. You can infuse 1970 elegant design into your home by adding a decoration in colors like bright orange, lime green and sunny yellow. If buying a new sofa or bed is not in your budget, use blankets and cushions to add 70s retro color. Use brightly colored carpets to add color to your floor. Bath mats often come in bright colors and have pile of fluff. These can be replaced like regular carpets for the front of the door or sofa and the kitchen.

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Looking for furniture home 70s decor. While the colors in the 1970s were bright, the lines and shapes of the furniture were more elegant and aerodynamic. Glass, chrome and plastic furniture were popular choices for the living room, dining room and kitchen. Incorporate some 70’s design into your dining room with a glass top chrome dining table complemented by upholstered chairs with a bright 70s color. Choose wooden furniture with clean lines and no bulky, fluffy upholstery. A low-cost addition to 1970’s elegant living room furniture includes one or two brightly colored plastic chairs or puff chairs.

You do not have to renew the decoration of your home to give it an elegant 70s design. The addition of 70s decor retro accents can add a bit of fear for less money and effort. Lava lamps were popular in the 1970s. If you cannot find authentic lava lamps from that era, replica lamps are available in many home decorating stores. Go back in time with a vintage star burst wall clock. Instead of asking for over 70 decorative decoration replicas online, you can often find the real deal in thrift stores or garage sales. The addition of some funky accents can give you the retro chic 70s that is afterwards without you feeling like you’ve stepped out of a time machine.

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