How to Set Cars Room Decor

Nov 20th

Cars room decor instigate the imagination of younger children and make the bedtime fun. Car beds complement a car or racing theme and are easily coordinated with other furniture and furnishings in your child’s bedroom. Even commercial beds enable faster mounting with premade plastic parts, building your own car bed allows you to make many of the design decisions. Most do-it-yourself car beds are made of wood frames and can be built to suit your taste and needs. If you are considering building a car bed for your child, these instructions will guide you through the process.

Build the side posts on your car

Download or draw your own charts to use as a cutting guide for the car-shaped sidewalls of your car bed. A downloaded guide can be projected on wood for tracking. The length of the car should be at least 52 inches to match the length of most common baby mattresses. Measure your mattress to determine the correct length for your bed. The front of your car should be about 6 inches high or equal to the height of your mattress. Cut the first car-shaped 3/4 inch of 4-foot-by-8-foot plywood with a jigsaw along the track of your track. The shape should fill a little less than half the width of your plywood. Use the first car-shaped to cut an identical shape from the same board.

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Build Your Frame

Reduce your footsteps from 3/4 inch plywood. This will be the nose of the car and should be 30 inches wide to fit a regular child-sized mattress. The height should match the front of the car’s sidewalls, about the same height as the mattress, or 6 inches tall. Mount the front of your car temporarily before permanently nailing the frame together. Place 6- inch-by -30-inch footsteps between the two sides and drill holes pocket side for your screws. Cut your bed sheet from 3/4 inch plywood. The height of your bedside should match the back ends of the car side panels. If you design a car with a higher back part to look like a racing car spoiler, this could be about 25 inches.

If you design a symmetrical car so that your back looks like the front, the gable should match the footprint in size. In both cases the width should be the same as the footsteps, or 30 inches. Fit the rear seat of the car temporarily by fixing the gable between the two sidewalls with the screw pocket holes. Before permanent assembly, grind the edges and paint the outside of your car. When they are finished and dry, reattach with glue and nails along the screws pocket holes on the edges of the frame.

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