How to Plan For Small Kitchen Decor

Nov 21st

Small kitchen decor is a home design barrier that many people have to deal with, especially those living in small apartments where the space is tightly assembled. If you cannot extend your kitchen by removing a wall, you must plan carefully to create a kitchen space that allows you to perform necessary household chores with a minimum of difficulty and frustration.


Use a pen and ruler to make a plan drawing on plain paper. Use a simple scale, for example, a square of the paper corresponds to a square foot in your kitchen. Select fixed fixtures, such as power outlets, pipes, windows and doors on your floor plan. Exercise the best place for your small kitchen decorating ideas to go. At least you need cooking, cooking, serving and washing up areas. Kitchen designers often refer to the “working triangle”, which is an invisible triangle to achieve the optimum distance between the three most common appliances: stove, sink and refrigerator. Keep your oven and sink at least 15 inches away from the corners of the room, and do not place them behind a door.

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If you have a lack of floor space but plenty of height in the very small kitchen design, make the most of high units. Even if you cannot easily reach the top of a high cabinet, it is an ideal place to store items that are seasonal or rarely used. Select a corner drop if you’re plumbing will hold it; this frees space for other items. Design a layout that works in limited space by creating some different floor plans. Do not forget that you will need to use the room, so make sure you distribute enough processing and move around space. Create extra space by getting rid of some tools that you do not need. Replace full size devices with smaller models.

Instead of a separate washer and dryer, go for a combined model. Also, cleaning out all the smaller items that you never use, such as old pots and pans, will add up to a large amount of free storage for more important things. The more you can store out of sight, the less you will have belated your countertops. This will make your little kitchen look and feel significantly more spacious. A radiator is another object that takes up the floor area, so consider floor heating or a wall mounted heater as an alternative. Leave a kitchen wall free of units and make this your area for a folding table or bar with stools tucked underneath. A table or bar can also be used as cooking space.

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