How to Hang Compass Wall Decor

Nov 20th

Compass wall decor has ever had a room in the house that is hard to decorate? You cannot find the right framed art, or if you already have enough framed art, iron, light bulbs, or candles. How is it difficult to match fabrics or bedroom sets that cost an arm and a leg to shop? The plates can be the cheap answer to your interior design dilemma. Follow these simple suggestions to add some decor to your walls.


Determine a color compass wall scheme or embellishment theme. Not only are decorator tiles available at the highest department and specialty décor, but they also have a variety of colors or motifs. Determine the best method of hanging the plates you have chosen to emphasize your walls. Plates measuring 10 inches or less easily hung with wire hangers with a stretchable spring. They wrap around the plate and have rubber tips so it will not damage the plate. These can be purchased at discount department stores or craft shops and they are hanging from a nail.

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Buy a sticker hanger to hang a larger compass decor or a bowl. Check the weight it is intended to keep and follow the instructions for the brand you choose. These are often soaked in water and applied to the back of the plate until it is completely dry. Create a genocide look by hanging fragile mirrors or smaller tiles. Only use the self-adhesive disc and tie a tape through the ring to hang from a nail in the wall. Take advantage of the selection home and garden stores offer. The plates need not be round; they can be square, rectangular, oval, and triangular or diamond shaped.

There are also a variety of outdoor plates or easy steps on the road that could be used in the same way. Look for plates that come in a series or companion pieces. These pieces give a more elegant or classic look. Hang several plates at a time. You can mix and match colors, patterns and sizes for a more dramatic effect. You can also hang plates around other art or space on shelves or even use the conventional plate racks. Have fun with your design. The plates can go in any room to add art to otherwise bare walls.

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Tips and warnings

If you use multiple plates, place the pattern on the floor to experiment with the best layout. Be creative. You do not need to hang plates in a straight vertical or horizontal line. Many of the wire hangers come in brass, white or black. Choose the color that blends best with your color or pattern of the plate. When using a self-adhesive disc, be aware that it could leave leftovers away. You can rethink using your grand grandmother’s family-class platter who has inherited.

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