How to Gothic Home Decor Ideas

Nov 20th

Gothic home decor can turn a typical bedroom into a gothic adventure. The Gothic style dates back to the high and late middle Ages in France. Large, very ornate cathedrals built as Christianity solidified their grip on Europe. Baptism of vampires and cultist evil inspired Gargoyles, or mythical creatures sculpted in stone, to be placed in these churches to ward off evil. The modern Gothic lifestyle revolves around the superstitions and icons of this time. When designing a gothic bedroom, these same icons become decor staples.


During the modern gothic home decor period in Europe, iron where the hand dumped many ornamental items including fences, bed frames, wallets and candlesticks. These items are still popular in modern Gothic culture. For use in the bedroom, consider a wrought iron bed. Large, iron-colored chandeliers can be used for room lighting. Line a wall with iron candlesticks, or place a set on each side of a mirror or large image. Free-standing candle holders made of the blank can be placed in the room, along with other decorative items including baskets, lights and candle wrapper covers. Too much motivated decorator, install a wrought iron fence around the edges of the room.

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Black and red velvet

The colors black and red have been associated with gothic home furnishings culture and vampires throughout the ages. These color combinations still symbolize the culture. The velvet was part of fashion trends during the original era. Clothing, furniture and draperies were made from this heavy material. Use colors and materials to make your bedroom gothic friendly. Use black velvet curtains finished with gray or red lining, edges and tassels on all windows of the room. Combine a black velvet overcoat with red velvet pillows. Draper chairs with lots of red and black combination materials. Cover tables, pools and other furniture tops with the material. Hang Gothic-focused pictures painted on black velvet cloth for the final finish.

Protective Room

The bedroom is often an oasis for rest, relaxation and sleep. This is where we forget the rest of the world and feel safe. During the Gothic period, people used crosses, gargoyles and other mythical creatures as protective devices. Use these same pieces to turn your bedroom into a gothic retreat. Hang ornate cross on the walls, especially over the bed. Put big gargoyles in the floor, and hang smaller versions from the top corners of the room. Choose bedding decorated with dragons, crosses or fairies. Consider using candlesticks, paintings and other room decorations including cross and creatures.

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