How to Design Bedroom with Moon Decor

Nov 20th

Moon decor for many new homes boast very high ceilings with two story foothills and large rooms. Decorating these high walls can be quite demanding. You will quickly discover that what worked for you in a home with a 10-meter ceiling height does not work if your ceiling is 20 feet high. With some color, and carefully selected pieces of art and accessories, you can make these tall walls look stunning.


You can use color techniques to decorate your moon home decor. There are also paint technicians that will bring your tall walls down to size. For example, paint the ceiling in the same color as the wall or darker comes visually lower ceilings and make the wall seem less daunting. You can also use color to give your expansive wall more interest by creating a wall painting or texture pattern on the wall.

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Target Eye

When you enter a two-story home, it’s a natural tendency to search and take in the dramatic view. To get your eyes back to a normal height and prevent people from getting into the walls, use decorates tricks to focus the eye on a lower focal point. You can do this by installing a hanging moon meaning border at the chair rail altitude or even at eye level. Choose your wallpaper carefully so it will not get it fast. Instead of a border, paint a wide horizontal border around the room where you hang artwork. Or paint the lower half of the wall darker than the upper half. You can do the same with three colors; divide the wall horizontally in thirds.


If you have high walls, you need high accessories and wall decorations. Instead of hanging your typical 4-by-3 foot mirror, you can really want to look for a floor mirror at least 6 feet tall and hang it on the wall instead. Other oversized objects that you can hang on your tall walls are the wall parts (hung as art) and large light wallpapers or wallpapers.

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Do not overdo it

Remember, is less many. Just because your wall is expansive does not mean you need to fill every inch of that space. It is better to choose a few big pieces than many small pieces. An exception to this rule is to hang multiple of the same objects as a triptych artwork, or a grid of identical mirrors or photographs with coordinating frames. Hang a large artistic piece of art made of iron or a large fabric over the stove or in a place that serves as the focal point of the room. Choose a visually appealing piece of different shapes, such as swirls or lines that will grab a viewer’s attention. Paint a large decorative mural on one of the walls. Hang curtains on both sides to give an illusion of a magnificent window. Place a large potted plant tree next to furniture and next to one of the walls.

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