How to Create Zen Decor

Nov 21st

Zen decor there is nothing worse than getting home by the end of the day just to feel your stress has followed you home. If this sounds familiar, you may want to consider a design review for your house or apartment. A Zen ornamental style will help you relax and fly the effects of a day on Wall Street or your life and movement to keep up with your family’s hilarious schedule.


Minimalism is one of the most important principles of Zen style decor. Take a look at the furniture and decorations in your home and eliminate the mess by removing most items that are not functional or necessary for your lifestyle. For example, keep your dining room simple by including more than one table, several chairs, and a luminaire that gives light illumination. Make sure you have as much open space as possible when deciding on Zen furnishings. One of the goals is to remove the possessions that you have collected in your home over the years. Do not worry – it does not mean you have to throw away your beloved things. Store them in the garage or basement so that they do not contribute to a messy, too busy interior.

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Reserved colors and patterns

Avoid exotic or ornate furniture. Instead of lavish items characteristic of Victorian style furnishings, for example, choose clean lines and simple textures. Its simplicity and discreet character make glass an appropriate material for oriental Zen decor. Choose a coffee table, cabinet or sink the pool of glass to create an atmosphere of calm. It follows that a Zen interior is characterized by warm and neutral colors, as well as earth colors. Avoid flashy, loud colors by using this subdued color palette for window treatments, carpets, walls, and other elements in your space.

Harmony with nature

A Zen style home is not a place for lavish or bright-colored accessories. Accessorize with items that contain as many of the five elements in nature as possible. Wood, earth, fire, water and metal are said to contribute to increasing harmonious interaction with nature. For elements of fire, look no further than a fireplace or an arrangement of solid colored lights on the tables, bathroom counters and other surfaces. In addition, because vegetation is often the first we associate with nature, straw some simple green plants throughout your home. Many Zen decorators have arrangements that combine the calming effect of water and stones. Place a small fountain in your home is perfect. If such a purchase is out of your budget, just fill glass vases with water and stones; use them as centerpieces or as floor decorations. When working with these scenes of nature, keep in mind that when it comes to accessorizing a Zen space, less is.

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