How to Attach Family Wall Decor without Drilling Holes in the Siding

Nov 20th

Family Wall Decor – Sidings are used to protect buildings from rain, wind, and other rough elements. They can be in the form of plastic, wood, metal or cement attached to the structure. To avoid damage when beautifying your home, here are some alternative ways to hang wall decorations without drilling on the sides like:

Double-Sided Tape

Sidings are made of different materials and one of them is plastic. Double-sided adhesive tape is a good choice for escaping while hanging wall decorations. No more using a hammer to fix the decoration on the spot. All you need is to choose something lightweight because the adhesive tape is not too strong.

Monkey Hook

Built-in hooks attached to the back of the decoration have become a popular alternative to nails. This is ideal for sidings where you can push a small hook to fight it. Maybe weather-resistant wood such as redwood and cedar, or cheaper versions, namely plywood. Hooks produce clean results that are more comfortable to use. Unlike before where you had to use exercises to hang decorations on your wall, with technological advancements, everything was just one step away.

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3M Hanging Strip

Just like adhesive tapes, hanging strips are best suited for plastic and metal sidings. Because this is made of high quality material, the strip is like glue that sticks to the surface. Although strong, this is not made for large decorations because the material is intended to hold the average load only.

Vinyl Limiting Hook

No need to drill or use a hammer, just remove it under vinyl wall coverings and you now have an instant hook to decorate your iron wall. With a capacity of 10 kilograms, it can be attached and removed whenever you want. This is specifically designed for vinyl, which is a practical hook that usually comes in a set of 4. Made of small metal with both ends curved, one end is used for mounting in a temporary place; the other end is to hang decorations.

Super Glue

If you really need to hang decorations without making holes, I suggest you try super glue to hold it in place. It has the power that can withstand heavy loads with just a single drop. However, you can no longer transfer it from one place to another. See more iron wall decor designs in Metal Wall Art. With their large selection available, surely you will find the best decorations to complement your sidings.

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