Homemade Windmill Decor

Nov 21st

Windmill decor is not only an effective way of generating energy, but can serve as a unique decorative piece for your lawn or garden. You can buy a creative windmill plan or design yourself. By building your own windmill, you can do one that blends well into your garden interior and outdoor needs. A wooden garden windmill can be just what you need to spice up your garden because it can be painted or decorated yet you choose. You can build a basic wood windmill over a weekend or during a single day.


Make the base of the rustic windmill decor. Use a saw to cut plywood in an 18-inch square or buy a pre-cut piece from a hardware store. Fill sandbox (s) with sand until the weight is at least 20 pounds. Place the sandbag (s) on the flat piece of plywood. The sand anchors your windmill down. Go three of the ½ inch thick, 5-foot, 18-inch wide wood planks together in the form of a “U” with screws and electric screwdrivers. Attach U shape wooden planks with plywood base to make the tower. Use the screws and screwdriver to join them. Fit the wood blades. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure you buy sheets that are 1-3 meters long. Longer leaves can scrub because of the 5 foot base. Attach the blade assembly to the base and tower.

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Use the gondola to attach the blades according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Go fourth ½ inch thick, 5-foot long, 18-inch wide wood plank to the open side of “U” to complete box shape. Art after painting or staining your garden windmill decor, if desired. Cut out eight sails from a plywood plank. Make the sail about 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. You should have enough leftovers for two spare sails at a couple of them to break easily. Sand the edges of wood to make the sail smooth. Divide the circle circumference into eight even sections. Draw lines above the center of the circle to first divide it in the middle, then fourth, then eighth.

This will also clearly mark the exact center of the circle. Raw 45-degree angles on the edge of the circle at each of the eight lines you selected. Cut these rows about an inch deep. Cut and file these marks so that they are wide enough to fit the sail. Glue eight sails into the round disc. Slide them so they are centered in the slots. Allow the glue to dry overnight before use. Drill a hole through the exact center (marked with lines) of the windmill disc. Use a drill wider than your nails. Pull a tray, the windmill and another tray on a nail, and nail the entire device in the middle of a 1-inch wooden stick. This will be the boom for the windmill.

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