Helpful Tips for Laundry Room Decor

Nov 20th

Laundry room decor is one of the most important and most used rooms at home but is often overlooked when decorating. You spend a lot of time in this particular room, so why not decorate it in a convenient, practical and inexpensive way. Here are some tips for turning boring-looking spaces into useful spaces that look bright, happy, and decorative. Paint the walls with bold colors to coordinate with the next room to the laundry room. The color of the paint in shades of gold can work well. Choose colors that delight you. Remember dark colors will make the room appear smaller. If your laundry room is a small area, then consider painting a lighter color.

Image to Blank Wall

If you have a wall that needs a little something, add a framed image. Why not take some of your children’s artwork and frames, frame your family puzzles together, add a photo collage of your children, flower-framed pictures or always cheerful birds.

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Decorative Curtains with Mosquito Nets

If you have a window in your laundry room, add curtains and mosquito nets that fit your room and add some charm, color and personality.

Carpets placed in front of a washing machine or dryer will look and feel comfortable when you work. Measure the area in front of each tool and select two carpets of the same color that coordinate with the room. A work desk placed near the dryer will be useful. Having a table at a height that is suitable for folding clothes will be very useful and the area below to place the laundry basket will be comfortable. Storage area for cleaning products is needed. The cabinet room above the equipment is great for storing detergents, softer stain loops, etc. You may need to use a storage cabinet in your laundry room. But you decide to save your cleanser, remember to avoid the reach of your children.


A place for paper towels placed under a cupboard or on a wall is a useful thing to do. You will have a paper towel when you are cleaning. Garbage baskets, clothes racks, and dirty clothes are all the necessities for a laundry room. If you have space, a high clothes rack on the rollers is great for placing fine clothes for drying or considering types that are easily installed at the top of the door. This type will not have many items but it is suitable for drying some items at that time and this is a very good space saver.

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