Hanging Butterfly Wall Decor

Nov 20th

Butterfly wall decor will instantly transform all bedrooms into a whimsical space reminiscent of a garden. Decorating with these pieces can be done in a variety of ways. Paired fences and butterflies with floral bedding patterns, gauzy curtains, lush potted plants and containers filled with fresh or silk flowers to complete the look.


A small part of the metal butterfly wall decor can be used as a simple and affordable material for a bedside table. Just cut the fence to the width of the bed. Bet on a height that reaches at least one foot above the bed. Taller fencing will make a more dramatic statement. Paint the poop fence section into a shade of white that matches the room. Consider painting the BMC or the door of the bedroom in the same color for a uniform look. Untouched white will give a crisp, clean look, while an off-white shade works well in a room with antiques to create a picturesque cabin feel. Mount the finished fence on the wall behind the bed.

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Wall decor

If you want to use butterflies as wall decor, have a wide range of options. Stencil butterflies on the wall as a border or in random patterns as if the graceful winged creatures flutter around the room. Fabric butterflies can also be purchased for use as wall hangers.


Butterflies are ideal for whimsical mobiles. Draw or paint colorful butterflies on pieces of heavy paper and cut out the shapes. Discontinue the application of these creatures from rulers with string or fishing thread. These mobiles do not need to be passed to nursery schools. Hang them from a lampshade, in front of a window or over the bed. For butterflies that span a larger part of the room, string your paper creations on a wire to make a wreath that can be hung from a curtain rod or along a whole wall.


If you have butterfly wall decor stickers that are all the same size and do not want to hang them side by side, play with the shape of your frames. Place them in high rectangular frames and hang these side by side for a simple and elegant arrangement. This type of arrangement works well when placed over a bed or fireplace. Instead of hanging a large framed image, hang three high-sized pictures of the same size or hit them on their sides and hang them on top of each other in modern decor with on Wovoka.

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