Good Ideas Cabin Decor

Nov 20th

Cabin decor – If you own a cabin or simply want to update your interior to reflect this rustic style. There are several decorating ideas that can turn your home into a home. The best news about cabinet decoration is that it is a relatively simple and affordable way to decorate. Then, often integrating pieces you already own or furniture and accessories related to flea markets, garage sales, scrap yards and attics of friends and family. Highlight the much loved by the new and fashionable. And that will reach the heart of the decoration of the cabin.

Best and good ideas cabin decor begins with the integration of finishes and pieces in natural materials, namely, wood, stone, ceramics, wool, cotton and paper. Rustic and matte finishes create a woody background. Distressed surfaces are also ideal, so they do not add a shiny coat of paint to the vintage farm table. Keep the lighter and brighter look with walls in light colors, such as old white, cream, faded earth tones, grays or, for a little more color, yellow or sunny cornflower blue. Vintage pieces often look very good as is, or updated with a thin layer of lime.

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Solid wood is the preferred material for decorating the cabin. However, many cabin and craft spaces are small or irregularly shaped so giant cabinets and cabinets may not be practical. Set aside space for an important piece of furniture in the room, such as a long wooden dining table for entertaining or a comfortable sofa in a faded pattern. And then using smaller pieces like accent furniture, a bistro as outdoors located in a corner of a breakfast corner or a low shelf for the celebration and display of the dishes that do not match. Other solutions for small spaces include corner shelves, floating shelves. Also end tables instead of a coffee table, pedestal style tables and armchairs and two seater sofas instead of a sofa. Then find pieces in medium and dark spots, and add color notes with textiles, crockery and wall art.

Start with what nature in your cabin decoration. Plants, fruits, flowers, herbs and vines can integrate into your home. And your views with uncovered windows, flower boxes, bowls and jars full. Light up the wooden interior elements with stiff white cotton printed with bold green, blue or yellow patterns. Or go more old style hut with whites accented with faded and muted blues, pinks and yellows. Carpets, rugs, throws and runners made from sisal, bamboo and other plant materials maintains the natural theme of going.

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