Geometric Decor: Bring Texture And Movement To Your Spaces

Nov 20th

Geometric decor – Its simple forms bring modernity and movement to the environments. Go ahead and include geometric decoration in your home. This fun trend gives us a lot of possibilities. There are many ways that can used to create truly amazing visual effects. Include squares, diamonds, hexagons, and especially triangles. Many triangles. They are displayed on walls, furniture and bedding. Images that generate a 3D sensation (that seem to stand out from the wall) are in tendency. Since they give visual depth to the space. You can show them on the wall by installing a decorative paper with patterns of two or more shades.

If the paper has a strong color design, take one or two of them. And replicate them only in accessories such as books or ornaments. So as not to saturate the environment. Another way to display the figures is in pictures. Place them in a group of three, horizontally on a sofa. Or place a single piece on a shelf. The geometric prints are not specific to a furniture or decorative element. We can find them everywhere: chairs, tables, walls, floors, accessories, lamps and a long etcetera. This is one reason why the geometric home decor is so versatile and easy to apply in any home.

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The success and versatility of geometric decor diy lies in the fact that its simple lines are perfectly integrated into any decorative style. From the most discreet to the most daring and groundbreaking, passing through the most neutral.  The key is in the pattern and colors chosen. If we choose simple lines and clear tones, it will melt very well in minimalist environments and Nordic decoration. If on the contrary we decided on more psychedelic patterns and more vivid colors, we can even recreate the typical prints of the 50s. Very retro and vintage. As you can see, there are many variants and possibilities.

An illusion, so we could define this trend. Which is capable of creating true fantasies, to projected in the rooms of the house. Fun and full of possibilities, it allows achieving surprising visual effects. Classic or current? Surely both. Sometimes he acquires a 50s tone. Other allows recreating a very Scandinavian tendency, especially if the triangle is used. Or, even, more than sixty, with a certain psychedelic air. The geometric decoration does not resist the mixture of styles and periods. Combining avant-garde pieces with classic elements or antiques.

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