Fresh Beach Themed Bathroom Decor

Dec 2nd

Beach themed bathroom decor – If you want to decorate your bathroom thematically and get a simple decoration with simple changes, this post is what you were looking for. Today I will show you how you can change your bathroom and that once decorated. Every time you enter you feel transport to an oasis of relaxation. A recurring decorative theme for the bathroom is the beach. So it is necessary to think creatively if you want to implement this theme in your home. First of all, avoid the well-worn beach decoration kits, instead try to include a bit of your own personality. In case you can not do this, it is best to buy a unique design for the whole scheme of the bathroom and avoid falling into the cliché of the shower curtains with palm trees.

A good strategy is to start with a piece of personal inspiration. Maybe a photo of the last vacation on the beach, a collection of marine rocks or what you like the most. These subject in question is the one that will put the imagination to work to develop the whole theme of the decoration. Whether it is Polynesia, nautical motifs or the sea itself. Forget the white, there is nothing more boring than this. To create a beach themed bathroom decor effect. Use the same colors that are natural on the coast as a hot sand color or a cooler shade. Such as blue, green or even a grayish-purple color. In case you do not want to paint, add a touch of color. In these cases all you need is to change the accessories to redecorate.

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The stripes are sophisticated and classic summer. Also look much better than the typical patterns of Hawaiian prints. Full of nature the bathroom by adding some plants, whether natural (only if the room receives natural light) or artificial. Bamboo is a good option if you want to include it in frames and vases. Be creative and place a crystal chandelier or a transparent vase with natural elements such as sea shells, sand or whatever you have collected on a trip to the beach themed bathroom decor. You can also paste these items in the frame of a mirror or in a painting creating a unique focal point. A nice detail that makes the bathroom luxurious is to change the shower head with a wraparound rain shower. It can make you feel under a waterfall of tropical rain every time you shower.

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