Finding the Absolute Best Toilet Decor

Nov 21st

If you plan toilet decor without the hassle and expense of complete remodeling, one of the simplest ways to provide a fresh new look is to replace accessories and equipment that are outdated or have seen heavy use. And along with items such as your faucet, shower head and towel rail, one item that can help change the appearance of the bathroom or your powder room is a new toilet seat. The best toilet seat for your bathroom might be one that matches the existing color and decoration scheme and the toilet model you have. When visiting an online catalog or local showroom will give you lots of design ideas, here are some tips to help you make practical and fun choices.

Round or oval? A glance at your toilet bowl should be enough to tell you whether your toilet is round or elongated – but if you want to check, get a steel rule or measuring tape and measure the distance from the front of the bowl to the hinge or hole for them. The oval toilet is about 18 1/2 inches long, and the round toilet is around 16 1/2 inches. Manufacturers usually make seats that will suit one type or another. Wood or plastic? Many people like the look of warm and luxurious toilet toilets, and there are a number of different wood or finishing touches to complement the different decorating styles. But plastic is also a practical and fun alternative. Here are some issues to consider:

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Although the toilet seat of the two varieties may have optional features that cost a little more, wooden chairs tend to be more expensive.


Wooden chairs may feel warmer than plastic ones, and some people prefer the texture to the skin.


Most modern toilet seats are produced to withstand regular use and weight, although cracks are possible in both types. Many wooden chairs are formed from wood which are formed for greater strength, and you can also find premium plastic styles for extra toughness.

Ease of Cleaning

Some users consider that plastic chairs can be scratched more easily from time to time, but modern chairs of both types usually offer a resistant finish. Look for optional features such as a mechanism for removing the stand quickly, so you can clean the hinge area more easily.

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