Dragon Decor for Bathroom

Nov 20th

Dragon decor can be based on a variety of themes and styles. Choose a dragon theme inspired by epic fantasy books and movies, or go soft and playful. The best bathrooms for a dragon style makeover include those at home with a lot of fantasy artwork. Also, dragon bathroom is not just for the home; they work well for companies like bookstores and restaurants.

Dragons Styles

From the violent fire that breathes into splashing rainbow inhabitants, there is a dragon type to inspire decor that suits all homes. If you have young children, consider going with a friendly, happy dragon like Disney’s Figment. For older teens and adults, ramp up the contrast and create a striking bathroom with strong colors and vintage. Fill your bathroom with dragon decoration ideas shower curtains, carpets and textiles to accent your bathroom. You can also pick up dragon-themed soap dispensers. Candle light and light switch cover to complete your dragon decor.

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Dragons from stories and folklore make an excellent theme for a dark fantasy style. The bathroom can be the most challenging space to deal with an evil dragon embellishment theme. Odd dragons are found primarily in Gothic and medieval style. In addition to letter dragon numbers, reptile-inspired shapes and patterns blended with bold dark colors are also taken. Black can be a very dramatic choice for wallets, curtains, towels and other accessories. Deep purple, blood red and light lizard green are also appropriate. Look for fabrics, wallpaper or other objects that have scale like patterns or a snake look for dragon decor. Shimmering, rainbow-shimmering elements will lend the feeling of shining dragon skins.


Natural prosperous stone, reminiscent of a prison cave or cave, will create the feeling of a dragon decorations party laid in the bathroom. Choose a mix of matte tiles for walls and floors in different shades of gray, and consider the soapstone for the counter. Collect dragon statues and wall art for decorations. Medieval style accessories like candle light candles, a winged iron mirror frame or wrought iron to keep towels will give your bathroom dotted rough-in of a toilet refers to its measurements, which is very important to know before installation. The coarse-i measures the total distance from the waste outlet hole on the underside of the bowl to the back of the toilet. The toilet grove-in also details the space where the outlet hole is inserted under the toilet.

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