Distinctive Features of Gypsy Décor: Learn More!

Nov 20th

Gypsy decor and culture refers to the set of habits and ways of life typical of the gypsy people. It adopts cultural elements of the community in which it is based. And at the same time has its own characteristics. Gypsies have their origins in northwestern India. A culture that has been transmitters orally from generation to generation, La Romaní Chib. The gypsy language, is part of the branch of Indo-European languages. The Art, have been formed in an independent, unreal to the currents and fashions of every moment. “Gypsy Homeland”: the blue of the sky by the roof and the green of the fields by soil. Aspect that conditions a whole way of seeing and understanding life. It is more important to have a good means of transport than a good home.

The tents, are of canvas and have “floors” of cloth, carpets, have low furniture most create by themselves through wood, or the same fabrics. They consist of the same environment where they have the kitchen, at one end and at the other. Another mattress where they sleep there. The part of the toilet is outside the tent. In the case of homes, they are usually spacious with the indispensable furniture, with floors cover in thick carpets and cushions. They have a lot to do with their past as transhumant. Exuberant colors, rich textures and details. Such as beads, mirror appliqués, pom-pom cuts and metallic threads are distinctive features of gypsy decor. It is a simple proposal to add new fabrics to a room to give it a gypsy touch. Or you can add furniture, luminaires and accessories to transform your home into a gypsy retreat.

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Finish the look by adding your own vintage pieces, decoration projects, ethnic souvenirs and your art collection to make a unique space. A gypsy aspect borrows the boldest and most dazzling styles from around the world. A room may contain a taped Moroccan table, a mirror with a Mexican hammered tin frame and a Chinese paper lantern. Vintage pieces can be placed next to the new pieces. The unique crafts and works of art are ideal accents in gypsy decor. A gypsy decoration is ideal for outdoor spaces. Some people place a bamboo or sisal rug in the yard, with a nearby bonfire and seats with cushions. Others could reuse a tub or sink as a flowerpot for the garden. Or cover the backyard with rusty buckets and cobalt blue glass bottles with wildflowers.

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